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Hello there . . .
Thanks for visiting my website where you'll discover a wide variety in my work. This
results from adapting to the many changes in both technology and the market during
my career which began as a book designer in Boston, followed by years providing
freelance art & design services for clients in a variety of industries.

For your perusal, it is divided into several portfolios of my work. This includes
graphic design, medical and scientific illustration, computer graphics, photography,
decorative illustration, art for kids, portrait and landscape painting. It is really a
catalog of what I've done as most of the visuals shown can be adapted for client
projects and the paintings are for sale. I am also available for portrait work based
on the samples shown. To see more of my work, please click on: Fine Arts.

For more information of to discuss a possible project, please send an email to:

Thanks for the visit and enjoy the tour . . .

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